Joint U.S. BVDV/ESVV Pestivirus Symposium

Beginn: 14.10.2014
Ende: 15.10.2014
Veranstaltungsort: Kansas City, MO



14.0pt; font-family:"Arial","sans-serif"">Joint U.S. BVDV/ESVV Pestivirus Symposium


"Arial","sans-serif"">Pestiviruses: Old Enemies, New



"Arial","sans-serif"">Sheraton Crown Center


"Arial","sans-serif"">Kansas City, MO


"Arial","sans-serif"">October 14-15, 2014




Announcement of meeting"Arial","sans-serif"">

The Joint U.S. BVDV/ESVV Pestivirus Symposium will be held Oct. 14 and 15 in

Kansas City, MO immediately preceding the AAVLD/USAHA meeting.  The theme

of the meeting is "Pestiviruses: Old Enemies and New Challenges”.




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In the last two decades a consortium of researchers in the United States have

organized 5 symposia held at three year intervals which presented cutting edge

basic research and the application of that research to practical control

practices for bovine viral diarrhea virus.  Similarly the European Society

of Veterinary Virology has held a series of 8 symposia, focusing on

characterizing and control pestivirus infections, including BVDV

infections.  This is the first time that the two groups have joined

together to organize a joint symposium.  The impetus for this joint effort

was the recognition that regional approaches to disease control are at odds

with the worldwide traffic in animal products and biologics.  Further, the

control of newly recognized pestiviruses, such as HoBi-like viruses, is more

effective when approached as a global challenge rather than any one nation’s



This joint meeting, to be held  will feature

talks by researchers from North America, South America, Australia and Europe.

"  It will be divided into three sessions focusing on the latest

research in the following areas;


Pestiviruses and the Immune System


Genetic Variability and Evolution of the Known



"Old" Pestiviruses in New Hosts and the

Emergence of New Pestiviruses




Draft Agenda and Information

ESVV Homepage


The call for abstracts is now

available on the AAVLD website.