ETHO 2019, 14th Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft

Beginn: 06.02.2019
Ende: 08.02.2019
Veranstaltungsort: Hannover, Germany

Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to ETHO 2019, the 14th Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft at Hannover, Germany!

Tie conference will take place from 6th -  8th of February 2019 at the University of Veterinary Medicine.  It aims at bringing together young and established ethologists to present and discuss current findings under the topic "Linking Animal Behavior to Biodiversity, Evolution, Conservation, and Welfare".

Confirmed plenary speakers are:

Lars Chittka (London), Gerlinde Hoebel (Milwaukee), Gerald Kerth (Greifswald), Angela Stöger-Horwath (Vienna), Elodie Mandel-Briefer (Zurich)

Online registration is now open! For more information on registration and abstract submission, please visit the conference website ( 

If you have specific questions, please contact us at etho2019(at)

Looking forward seeing you in Hannover 2019!

The organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Elke Zimmermann, Dr. Marina Scheumann, Prof. Dr. Heike Pröhl, Prof. Dr. Ute Radespiel, PD Dr. Sabine Schmidt, Dr. Daniel Schmidtke

Prof. Dr. Elke Zimmermann
Institute of Zoology
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
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